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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Evangelicals who journey East

A good article for the most part. I don't agree with his assessment though that Gilchrist's conversion to Orthodoxy appears to have been easy and without much struggle.

Some people just write in an abbreviated fashion. I'm sure the story of my conversion to Catholicism seems short and easy to some too. I'm just not a good writer. From the time I started reading and studying up, it was only about four months until I converted, but I was on the fence of leaving my Baptist church for well over a year.

The fact that I was brought up Catholic made my journey back easier than for someone like Scott Hahn, because I was already familiar with many of the doctrines and dogmas. I just needed someone to explain them more fully, and be at a time in my life where I was receptive.

For a similar page on the same subject that is better written and parallels the reasons I did not become Orthodox, see Jimmy Akin's article, Why I am Not Eastern Orthodox at

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